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There are many users out there who agree that Adobe should just discontinue its Flash Player instead of just releasing new security patches every now and then. It seems that Adobe still believes in its Flash Player, as it has just released a new patch that fixed 12 critical-level security flaws.

It is good to know that this update has been released on the same day when Microsoft has released the security updates for its products. It is good to know that this patch has been classified by Adobe as being a “Priority 1” and “Critical” and that everyone should update to the latest Flash version immediately.

We have to mention that 11 of the 12 vulnerabilities that have been patched lead to remote code execution on the user’s computer, which means that the hacker could control the infected system.

Adobe didn’t confirm that these vulnerabilities have already been used by hackers, but it is better for you to just patch the Flash Player right now in order to keep your computer safe.

The Adobe Flash Player version for Linux and version for Windows and Mac, can already be downloaded from the internet and installed on your computer.

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop And Adobe Acrobat and Reader Have Been Update

It seems that Adobe has already released new updates for other two products: Creative Cloud Desktop and Acrobat and Reader. Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application has received the CVE-2016-6935 local privilege escalation vulnerability solution, which fixed a search path vulnerability, while the Adobe Acrobat and Reader has received a patch that fixed 71 security issues which could allow remote code execution and restriction bypass.

We have to agree that Adobe is currently trying to keep its applications safer than before, but we think that Flash Player has already a bad reputation and HTML5 will most likely bury it for good sometime soon.

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