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Adobe Flash Player has developed a poor reputation over the years as hackers proved that it’s riddled with security issues and can expose its users to malware. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to delete Flash Player from your computer. Since many websites still depend on this tool, you’ll most likely have problems with viewing videos and other content if you’d uninstall this program.

Luckily, you can do something to protect your safety while using Flash Player. You can start by taking these steps:

  • Download Adobe Flash Player only from Never download it from third-party websites.
  • Avoid clicking on popup notifications that remind you to update Flash Player. While they might be official alerts from Adobe, they might also be fake alerts from hackers who want to install malware in your system.
  • Keep on the lookout for new Flash Player updates. Adobe usually rolls out an update every few weeks to patch up security flaws.
  • Download the latest update right away to protect your system from vulnerabilities.
  • Remember that Google Chrome automatically installs new Flash Player updates. If you’re using this browser, ignore alerts that encourage you to update Flash Player.
  • By default, the Flash Player plugin automatically updates on Firefox. If you receive a notification that Flash Player is outdated, you can get the latest version from if you don’t want to wait for the automatic update.
  • Consider partially blocking Flash Player in the browsers you use. In Firefox, click the Settings button, choose “Add-ons”, and select “Plugins”. Find “Shockwave Flash”, click the drop-down menu beside it, and choose “Ask to Activate”. In Chrome, click on “Settings”, go to “Advanced Settings”, and find the “Privacy” heading. Under it, click on “Content Settings”, scroll down to “Plugins”, and select “Let me choose when to run plugin content”. By doing these, your browser will automatically block Flash Player in websites, and you can to activate it only when you need to view certain content.

Take these steps to stay safe when using Adobe Flash Player. You can get more tips here.