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Ever since the fourth installment of the Sims came out three years ago, players and fans have been talking about what a future fifth installment might look like.

Some players believe that a Sims 5 cannot possibly be in the works given the low reception the fourth installment has had so far when compared to the previous installments. In fact, if there is any strategy to be undertaken by EA at this point, it would be to boost the popularity of the Sims 4 via DLCs and game packs.

EA has released a few DLCs so far and the biggest one of the all is supposed to be one that will be launched in November 2016, entitled City Living which will move the game into the reality of urban life.

The fact is that Sims 5 game may or may not come out based on the reviews and reception registered by the upcoming City Living DLC. And this is an official statement made by Maxis and EA about the development of the fifth installment of the game. This may also suggest that if EA had any plans for Sims 5, there’s a slight chance that the game could have been set in an urban environment.

Another thing that should be noted about the upcoming DLC is that it will not be downloadable for free. It will actually cost about $40 to get it.

At the same time there are rumors that the Sims 5 game will actually feature VR or AR support if and when it does come out. Perhaps even more types of supports, depending on how tech evolves until then.

But, until we get to that point, players and fans will have to hope that the City Living DLC for ‘The Sims 4’ fares well with the critics and sets the ground for the fifth installment in the series.

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