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According to the most recent rumors, we might get to see an early release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the 26th of February. However, this wouldn’t be such a weird thing from Samsung, since two other previous models, the S7 and S6 have also been announced at the Mobile World Congress in the beginning of this year and back in 2015.

Despite the rumors, Samsung did not officially confirm anything about the S8, but there are still chances that we might see another Galaxy S model confirmed at the MWC conference next February. If this happens, it would be against other speculations that said the company will release a new device earlier than planned because of the Note 7 issues.

During the last weeks, Samsung has dealt with a recall process that seems infinite. It all started in September, when a Note 7 device has reportedly exploded. The company reacted quickly and recalled all the units from the shelves, offering replacements for users. Despite their efforts, there have been cases where even the replacement devices exploded. But that’s not all, since all major carriers and retailers on the market have stopped selling any Note 7 headset.

Because of this, Samsung has halted the production of the device altogether, apparently. The rumor of another device comes from a message on Twitter posted by user @Ricciolo1, who is a mobile tipster from Italy. In the past he has also predicted the release dates of other models like the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or Sony Xperia X Compact. He claims that this information has been confirmed, but we still have no official announcement.

Until we receive any official details, we have to enjoy the rumors and speculations that started circulating, some of them even discussing what hardware will the upcoming handset include.