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Everyone has heard of Pokémon Go, as the game was all over the news when it was released a few months ago. We have to agree that a good amount of people were playing it back then because they’ve seen it on TV and they’ve decided to give it a try.

In other words, a good amount of the users that have played Pokémon Go were regular smartphone users and were NOT into games. This is the main reason why the Pokémon Go game doesn’t have so many players at the moment, because most of them were not even casual players, but rather curious to just try it out.

However, for all of you – loyal gamers who haven’t had enough of playing Pokémon Go, we have some good news. Niantic has finally announced that the next update for Pokémon Go is about to be released soon and it will contain a few new stuff. It is good to know that the developing company has confirmed that the new update is currently being reviewed by both Apple and Google, as they are not allowed to release it until the confirmation of these two companies.

The new Pokémon Go update will let trainers to earn a catch bonus for Pokémon and it will allow them to have up to six Pokémon to battle at friendly gym. In addition, to balance the fights a bit, the Pokémon’s CP might be temporarily adjusted lower during a battle. The incubator and egg screens will periodically update the distance walked without having to close or reopen the game. Some audio issues that the developers have found have been fixed and the evolution animation time has been decreased. As expected, the new update also brings some minor bugs fixes in the game.

We’re not yet sure when exactly this Pokémon Go update will be released for smartphones running on iOS or Android, but since it is already being reviewed by Apple and Google, we should say that this will most likely happen sometime in the next days.