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With more new features and improvements being added to the game, players are getting their hopes up that all of these are in preparation for the release of Mewtwo, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres and other Legendaries. Plus, there have been numerous reports from gaming buffs that Niantic is planning Legendary events where the most coveted characters will be launched.

The expected flow will be similar to what we have seen in the promotional Pokémon Go video where Mewtwo appears in Time Square and everyone has to work together to defeat and capture this character. Following this format, it is possible that Legendaries will be released at a major Poké event in famous landmarks simultaneously in different regions. Players who have earned certain level requirements can participate in the battle. This plan hopes to strengthen and unite the Pokémon community as well as promote local tourism.

However, since there hasn’t been any official announcement from Niantic yet, let us not get too excited and focus instead on all the other great updates that have recently been released. Such as the Buddy System, which is a great way for extracting specific type of candies and for filling up Pokédexes faster. Of course, a lot of players are waiting for the hopeful launch of a PvP battling system, and there has been news in the gaming sphere that Niantic has been discussing this often internally.

The game developer also announced that Generation 2 Pokémon will be released in 2017. Aside from that, new characters and Legendaries will be included in the upcoming trading system. With this news, and the not-so-long-ago incident when Articuno was ‘accidentally’ placed in the game, most fans and players are keeping their hopes up that the release of special characters is not that far off. But for now, keep on leveling up your XP because, you never know, this could give you access to an upcoming Legendary event.

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