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In the past weekend, new information has emerged about Microsoft’s plans to redesign Photos app and in the meantime, the early version of the application has been posted online and can be downloaded by any Windows 10 user. Paint was completely overhauled, becoming a Universal Windows app with 3D objects support and features that will enhance user experience on Surface tablets.

Users who installed the redesigned Paint app were surprised by its speed, because most Universal Windows apps don’t usually include advanced features that were introduced on the desktop version because they don’t work well and it’s preferable to stick to the basic features. This is not the case for Paint, because compared to the previous Paint desktop app, it works perfectly and users can easily paint using their fingers, without needing a mouse for that.

The only drawback is the missing layering support, but this has been revealed in an old alpha copy and perhaps, things will change in the meantime. Also, many shortcuts that are found in Photoshop and similar applications haven’t been included, and users can’t pen multiple files at the same time.

What you can do in Paint is crop images, personalize images with text and you can annotate them with the help of brushes and pencils. The application includes 2D and 3D shapes, and Microsoft employees who test out the alpha version are able to use 3D objects that have been added in the community section.

This current alpha version has revealed that the 3D object support needs to be perfected because the objects appear pixilated. Hopefully, Microsoft will offer more information about this feature later this month, during the Windows 10 and Surface event that will kick off on October 26th. If the developers will fix all issues with the 3D object creation feature, then this will be great for the HoloLens hardware.