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Mojang is bent on making the Minecraft: Pocket Edition game a great experience for its users. As a result, it has been systematically releasing patches and updates that either bring new content to the game or fix some of the bugs encountered by users during gameplay.

The latest update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is Update 33 that can be downloaded for PlayStation consoles like PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

The new update comes with a lot of new content like new blocks, enchantments and a new type of mob. According to 4J Studios, the Update 33 adds three new items for the console variant of the game and those are the Beetroot, the Beetroot Seeds and the Beetroot Soup.

Apart from these new items, the new update will enable players to augment items through Mending and FrostWalker enchantments. There will also be a new generation of terrain with Fossils and Igloos.

The aforementioned new mob includes the polar bear. Along with this new mob there are many other new added items such as: the cow, the horse, the snowman, the squid, the witch, sounds for the polar bear, leash knots, item frames and paintings.

But wait, there is more great news for the console version of Minecraft! There is also the Chinese Mythology Mash-up pack that is now available for approximately $5 which is inspired by Chinese myths and it will actually create a dragon filled setting for Minecrafters.

As for the PC version of the game, there is a new update for it as well which is called the Exploration Update and it comes with many additions that players will surely enjoy. Some of those include the shulker box for storage purposes and the Woodland Mansions which are essentially dungeons that are populated by evil spell casting mobs that will attack players if bothered.