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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are slightly different from their predecessors. They have a similar shape and a metal body, but the antenna bands have been moved to the upper, lower edges and the 3.5mm headphone jack has been removed and the old home button has been replaced with a new touch-sensitive Force Touch home button. The new iPhones were released with iOS 10 out of the box, but in the meantime, Apple continued to work on the software and brought the third beta with new features.

As we were saying, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have many things in common with their predecessors. However, the phablet sports a dual camera consisting of two 12MP sensors with a 23mm wide angle lens and a 56mm equivalent respectively, and the second lens offers double the focal length and it makes distant objects look much closer in the frame. And iOS 10.1 beta 3 came with the Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus, a feature that has been revealed in September, but which wasn’t made available to public because Apple still needed to work on it, although on stage it worked pretty well.

The Portrait mode has made its way to the third iOS 10.1 beta and it allows you to shoot only with the telephoto lens. It applies a DSLR-like blur effect over the photo and it focuses only on the main subject that’s in the foreground. In order to enable Portrait mode, you will need to launch Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus, then slide the Camera wheel and tap on Try the Beta.

You can also shoot Portrait Shots and first you will need to make sure that you’re eight feet of your subject, which will be identified by the face and body detection technology. You will be prompted to “Move farther away,” “More light required,” “Place subject within 8 feet”, so follow the commands. Finally, at the bottom you’ll see a yellow banner reading “Depth Effect”. Tap on it and take the shot.