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Many bloggers say that the iPhone 7 Plus has nothing to rave about. Boring is what they call it. And when there’s no news about weekend sales, those claims do seem true. On the ground, however, a different story unfolds. Three weeks since its release, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are still almost impossible to buy.

Apple’s latest models are a smash hit, because no other smartphone in the world is difficult to find a week after its release. Well it’s already the second week of October, and it is still next to impossible to find an iPhone 7 Plus in any Apple Store. Stock is light, even if you check the popular iStockNow, Apple’s real-time inventory checker.

Sure, there are available 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, but most people want to get their hands on units with bigger storage space – 128GB and 256GB. People are also looking for the Jet black or the Matte black models, which leaves the gold iPhone 7 Plus models on hand, but no interested buyers.

There are shipments daily, but the most desirable models are often sold out within hours of them coming out of the box. You won’t find an iPhone 7 Plus at electronic retailers and wireless carriers either. They are having as much difficulty keeping the new iPhone smartphone in stock.

But the shortage of the iPhone 7 plus, doesn’t necessarily mean the demand is high. It is also possible that there are constraints with the supply. For instance, Apple may have made more gold iPhone 7 Plus units than the more sought-after Jet Black units. This can pose a problem in terms of disposing units that have already been on the market. Until Apple releases a report of its earnings for the September quarter, we will never know for sure which is which.

Well, you might want to compare Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in the meantime, to help you make an informed decision.