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Recently, Rockstar has released the GTA Online Biker DLC for PS4, Xbox One and PC, which should download automatically. It is a follow-up to the GTA 5 Lowriders update and it offers players the possibility to join a biker gang, wander through the streets on choppers and battle rival MC’s and other rival gangs. Today, GTA 5 Online is supposed to receive three new Adversary Modes and new vehicles and soon will be launched a Halloween DLC.

After the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 update went live, there were spotted a few new modes, and one of them is part of the upcoming Halloween DLC. The three new modes that have been discovered so far are: Deadline, Kill Quota and Lost vs Damned. Gamers will play as Angels and score during the day, or Devils and score during the night and after someone scores, he can be killed during the half of the day, so that his team will lose a point. As for the Adversary Mode Deadline, which is expected to be released soon, it will allow players to unlock exclusive outfits (which will be very expensive and Tron-themed) and purchase a special vehicle. There are many unreleased vehicles that could arrive as weekly items: Daemon 2, Esskey, Raptor, Snactus, Shotaro, Tornado 6, Vortex and Youga 2.

The GTA Online Biker DLC has brought fixes and many changes, and we’ll mention some of them:

– free vehicles can be sold, but players will receive 50% of the value of any mods applied;
– when creating a new character, players will copy the Rank of their existing character into the new character;
– the “Fast Zoom” option can be found in all Creators;
– destroyed and impounded vehicles can be used in Races;
– Adversary Mode triggers have been reduced to three locations;
– Stunt Series triggers have been reduced to eight locations;
– players can use the “Non-Contact” option in Stunt Races etc.