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As many of you already know, Google has added 8 new app categories to its Play Store and it seems that the big search engine company is not stopping here. In order to improve the experience of users who own devices that run on Android OS, the company is now working on several new UI changes to the official Android store.

In concordance with Android Police, the UI updates that Google about to release to the Play Store is a new Entertainment along with a different design for the carousel. In addition, it seems that the company is thinking about removing the search bar in the Play Store and it will work on a new Google Play Store banner.

However, the search bar will not be permanently removed, and it will actually be “hidden”. Users will need to tap on the search icon located at the top side in order to expand the search bar and start looking for games, applications or other stuff. We remind you that the search bar is currently located at the top of the screen and it gives you instant access to the voice search.

The Entertainment section and that it will contain. According to reports, this new section will contain titles such as: Movies, Music, Books and more. In other words, it will be easier for a user who is looking for entertainment things on an Android device.

When it comes to the new look of the carousel, it seems that Google has finally decided to move it down, but also make the slides smaller. This will surely make your life easier, as it was quite hard before to scroll through featured items.

Many users declared themselves pleased with the new cosmetic changes and they’re curious what other features and tweaks Google is planning to add to its Play Store.