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Pokemon Go was the hottest mobile game of Summer 2016, but it seems that its popularity is already waning. According to reports, almost 80 percent of players have uninstalled the game, and it’s no longer in the number one spot of most downloaded games in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To fix this problem, Niantic has to come with up something creative to convince current players to stay and entice old players to come back.

One thing it can do is to release an update that would include the Johto region in the game. By doing this, Pokemon Go will have a bigger Pokedex that will include a larger number of Pokemon. As a result, players will be introduced to the more interesting Second Generation Pokemon, and they’ll have more creatures to capture.

The best part about having the Johto region in Pokemon Go is that there will be stronger creatures to capture and train. Reddit user khrawn has converted the stats of Johto Pokemon from the older games to Pokemon Go, and his work has shown how strong each creature would be when they’re added to the augmented reality game.

According to khrawn’s translation, Kingdra (Horsea’s final evolution) will become the preferred water-type Pokemon of many gyms because of its excellent attack and defense powers. Tyranitar (Larvitar’s final evolution) will become stronger than Dragonite, which is saying something since Dragonite is currently the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

These are certainly exciting developments, but it’s important to note that Niantic has not revealed exactly when they will include the Johto region and its Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are also many people who say that the inclusion of Johto won’t help the game restore its popularity since players have become bored of its repetitive gameplay. This might be true, but it’s fair to say that a lot of Pokemon fans are interested in seeing Gen 2 Pokemon in the game and would certainly pick it up again when these creatures become available.