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Apple’s iPhone 7 has been out for over 3 weeks, but some people still have a hard time getting their hands on the phone. In some cases, the Sold Out sign in Apple shops and distributors just won’t go away. Are you one of those people still trying to buy an iPhone 7? You might want to take a pause before you pursue this further.

Apparently, you are better off with an iPhone 6S Plus than an iPhone 7. Because the new model is slower than its predecessors.

Benchmark tests and real-life tests revealed that the 32GB iPhone 7 is pretty slow with the read and write processes. This has become a source of disappointment because the iPhone 6s series happened to be fast, with an excellent storage speed. In fact, no Android-powered mobile phone has beaten iPhone 6s in terms of speed.

The 32GB iPhone 7, on the other hand, gained a dismal score during a test done in Basemark OS II. It scored only over 800 points, which is more than 50% less than how other iPhones scored in the same test. In terms of write performance, it also lagged behind the iPhone 6s Plus.

GSM Arena also performed live tests to measure the read and write speeds of the iPhone 7. They recorded a 10-minute video at 4K, and then cut it in half using the phone’s built-in trim feature. The result confirmed previous speed tests. It is definitely slower than an iPhone 6s.

But here’s the thing, if the storage is increased to 128GB, read and write speeds also increased.

64GB iPhone 6s Plus

  • PassMark Storage Write: 200.6 Mbyte/s
  • PassMark Storage Read: 628 Mbyte/s

128GB iPhone 7

  • PassMark Storage Write: 308 Mbyte/s
  • PassMark Storage Read: 926 Mbyte/s

Makes you wonder how the Apple iPhone 7 compares with Samsung Galaxy S7, right?