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Nokia N-Gage is quite an old phone now, but many people still love this phone which has been designed for gaming. Though the general features might feel a little old, you can still play the old nostalgic games, connect to Wi-Fi and instant message on it. But how to install WhatsApp on it?

  1. Download it. This is kind of a tricky task, since N-Gage doesn’t support new versions of WhatsApp. You will need to use a legacy version. As such, there is no official download site for this, so a good solution might be peer-to-peer sharing. The operating system is Symbian v6.1, so look for a version that is compatible with it. Newer versions can be found at
  2. Install it on the memory card of the phone. Connect the card to the computer (you can use a special card reader for this) and then open the window to see the folders and files stored on it. Leave the window for now and type “show hidden files” in the search window. Change the setting and make sure that you can see the hidden files. Then go back to the memory card window and open the System folder. Open the folder named “Apps”.

In order to install it on the phone, you have to copy the WhatsApp folder found in the Apps folder to the same folder found on the memory card. Then copy the Plugins folder found in the data folder to the corresponding place.

Last but not least, copy the Libs folder from where you need to copy the files (but not folders in it!) to the memory card on the same corresponding place. You might see other files and folders there too, but just ignore them, since you do not need them to complete your installation.