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You have to admit that Nokia C5 is kind of an old phone nowadays, since it was released back in 2010. I has a 2.2-inches display and a physical number pad, which might seem completely strange to modern generations. It comes together with a 3 MP camera, 50 MB of expandable storage and 128 MB RAM. It’s not much if you think about the phones today, but it was a lot when it was released.

Running on the Symbian 60 operating system developed by Nokia, it is kind of different than Android or Apple, simply because it doesn’t have a touchscreen. Despite its old age and poor specs, you can still use WhatsApp on it, which is great news.

You have two options: either you download the app from the phone’s app store, or you can get it from the official download website. If you choose the second option, you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Open up the app menu by pressing the button most on the left. With the help of the thumb pad, go to the web browser and open it up.
  2. Pull up the address bar and go to Using the scroll pad on the phone, place the cursor on the download button and click on it.
  3. Simply follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. The process is quite simple, so you don’t have to worry.

Keep in mind though that since you manually install the application, you’ll also need to update it manually. For this, just follow the same steps as above. Also, remember that the company will end support for this phone at the end of 2016. After that, there will be no updates for the phone, though if you already installed it, there should be no problem in using it.