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Pokémon Go is one of the hottest games right now, despite a great deal of the initial game players losing their interest. But this latter issue is something that has convinced Niantic to spice things up a bit and make the game more interesting so that some players won’t abandon the game so fast.

A first attempt was the launch of the Pokémon Go Plus wearable which works as a device that let people know whenever there were Pokémon or Gyms nearby. It looks like a tear-drop shaped poke ball with a button in its middle that has to be pressed whenever there’s a Pokémon nearby so that the player could catch it.

Now, Niantic has announced that they will be adding many new features to the game like a new catch bonus that enables players to get medals for catching Pokémon of a certain type. This means that if you catch a lot of ground Pokémon you’ll get a certain medal and it will be easier for you to catch the same type of Pokémon. This feature will also enable you to become a specialist in catching a certain type of Pokémon which could actually divide players into many types of categories.

Niantic also mentioned that there are many changes made to the manner in which players interact in Gyms and that they will now be able to bring 6 Pokémon into battle instead of one. The Pokémon CP has also been adjusted a bit.

Pokémon Go is also known as a very controversial game that has caused a lot of weird accidents and some of these even resulted din the death of several people. The most recent case where the game was involved is when the mayor of a French town asked for the game to be shut down in his town because it was affecting his community’s way of life.