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It seems that the PC version of Mafia III had a rough early start. According to TotalBiscuit, a well known YouTuber, the game had a 30FPS hard-lock, which was limiting any high-spec computer to that FPS rate.

In concordance with Gamespot, the latest patch that has been released for Mafia 3 for PC is fixing major issues that the game had, which include the 30FPS hard-lock. It seems that the developers have decided to give gamers the option to choose between unlimited FPS, 30FPS and 60FPS. In other words, if you have a high-spec computer, you will now be able to run even more than 60FPS in this game, as long as your PC handles it.

For the gamers that don’t know too much about frame-rate hard-lock, then we inform you that the developers are usually hard-locking games to run at a specific frame-rate. Usually, capping the FPS is a good thing, especially for home consoles, which may not be able to run all games at a constant 60FPS. So, instead of dropping from 60FPS to 30-40FPS, the developers decided to hard-lock the game’s FPS at 30 in order to have a steady gameplay.

However, when it comes to custom computers that are made especially for high-end gaming, the hard-lock FPS is not a good thing, as these machines are able to run the latest games at 60-100FPS without any problems. We’re not sure yet why the developer did this, but it is a good thing that they’ve fixed the problem fast.

We remind you that the Need For Speed: Rivals came with a hard-lock 30FPS and the game engine simulation time was also tied with the frame-rate. This was the reason why some modders have attempted to boost the frame-rate by tweaking the engine settings and this has forced the entire game simulation to double in speed, creating a very unpleasant experience.

Well, it seems that 2K Games has reacted fast and it has a released a patch that can allow now the gamers to run Mafia III at a higher FPS.