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Final Fantasy XV fans will be a little disappointed to hear about this, but the upcoming game in the series will not be launched any time soon as it was expected. Unfortunately for them, the decade – long wait is not over and it shows no signs of coming to a close any time soon.

It appears to be a very problematic game in terms of development and fans have been teased enough by rumors and the occasional official reveals about the game. In fact, it was only recently that the company announced that they would reveal the release date at an event, but that never happened.

What we do know is that Square Enix, the company responsible for the game series – is focusing on a console version Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One and PS4. As for a PC version of the game, according to director Hajime Tabata, it would take Square Enix a year to develop. He also went on to mention that if they were indeed to develop the game for the PC platform, they would also have to make it better and more appealing that the consoles version.

However, we’re more than certain that fans and gamers would be happy to see it exclusively on consoles at first as long as it does come out. The company can work the PC version of the game details later, but this issue might actually convince some of those users who have been waiting for this game for 10 years to focus on acquiring a game console in order to play it. So there may be a win in this for the console manufacturers that sell the aforementioned products.

According to Square Enix, the upcoming game takes place on Eos where all of the countries are under the control of the evil empire of Niflheim, except for the kingdom of Lucis. Those who are interested in knowing more can also check out the movie named Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

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