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It is understandable that old habits die hard, as what most people say. This is what happened to those who still can’t let go of old Nokia mobile devices. In fact, many of them use these smartphones as their secondary device or backup whenever they are on the go.

The only issue with older devices is that they can no longer support essential apps that were recently built. For this reason, many Nokia users are still hopeful that one day their devices are going to support these apps. On the contrary, if you own an old Nokia phone, you can test the app by downloading it from a secure site.

Take note that old Nokia devices are divided in two categories, namely S40 and S60. So, if your old gadget belongs to these categories, you still have a chance to download and install WhatsApp. Simply make sure that your device belongs to the list of Nokia models stated here.

  • The Nokia Asha series support the installation of the WhatsApp messenger.
  • The Nokia Symbian from the S60 series can support the said app.
  • The 3rd and 5th Edition are also capable of handling WhatsApp messenger.

If your device belongs to one of the models of the S40 and S60, then your device is eligible for installing the WhatsApp application. First, if your device belongs to the S40, then simply visit the website, You can do this using the gadget’s Web browser.

Meanwhile, if your device is within the category S60, then you need to type from your browser and begin downloading WhatsApp directly from this site.

Take note that this app can be downloaded for free for Nokia S40 and S60 devices. After downloading and installing WhatsApp, you will be prompted to set up your WhatsApp account. Then, you will be on your way towards enjoying the many features of this messenger.