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WhatsApp became a sensation in many mobile phone platforms like iOS, Android, Nokia and Blackberry. In the case for iOS devices, the latest update for its iOS 10 version was the Siri integration, which has been claimed that will enhance how the app is used. In fact, this has given another reason why people should update to iOS 10.

Here are some features related to the latest update WhatsApp.

  1. It has given way to forward messages or media to many people at once.
  2. It has brought integration with Siri in which users will be able to rely on the voice assistant to send WhatsApp messages or even place calls on the app. However, users need to be upgraded to the latest iOS 10 firmware first.
  3. It was inconvenient to users to force them to unlock their device when answering a call on WhatsApp. With this new update though, it has become possible to get the call straight from the lock screen, comparable to standard calls.
  4. Widgets were added with the latest iOS version. Thus, a new widget for WhatsApp have allowed people to quickly transfer to a new chat or see which one have messages unread.
  5. WhatsApp has been updated to show frequently contacted people on your phone the moment you try to forward a media or message. This was made possible after tweaking the settings on sharing.
  6. It also provides a quick forward button for videos and photos when chatting.
  7. Double tapping the screen have been enabled to switch between rear and front cameras when taking videos or photos on WhatsApp.

Perhaps this update made by WhatsApp for iPhone has given more options for iOS device users to appreciate the app more than ever before. Likewise, it might just be one of the reasons why many users have chosen to upgrade to the latest iOS 10.

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