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Without the option to jailbreak Apple devices, users are only limited to what Apple allows them to enjoy. But when such restrictions are lifted, they get to do more with their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Lately, however, it seems that Apple has finally found a way to keep hackers out of the system, particularly iOS 10. To date, iOS 10 jailbreak has yet to reach the public.

Based on previous events, jailbreak updates should have been out a day or a week after a new operating system has been rolled out. iOS 10 was released to the public a few weeks back, and there is still no news about jailbreaking tools and updates.

Some hackers claimed that they managed to successfully jailbreak an Apple device running iOS 10, but the claims remain just that, with no proof that there really was hacking going on. Sure, they can show a video or image of a jailbroken iPhone 7 running iOS 10. But unless that tool becomes available to the public, it’s just all for show.

Lucas Todesco, the guy who seemed to get first dibs on jailbreaking every new iOS that comes out, said the process wasn’t as easy as before. He even congratulated Apple, saying the company, once again, “changed the rules of the game”. And, like before, Todesco refused to share his jailbreaking tool to the public, which often leaves people wondering if he really succeeded or not.

What is causing the long delay?

Apple has tightened security, making it more difficult for hackers to jailbreak iOS 10. Proof of this is the increased bounty for zero-day exploits for Apple’s new iOS 10. From $1 million, exploit broker Zerodium has increased it to $1.5 million.

Just recently, Apple has released the second beta of the upcoming 10.1 update to developers. This further reduced the chances of hackers to break into iOS 10. But really, why bother to jailbreak iOS 10 when there are disadvantages?