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The Cardboard platform released by Google is still known as the cheapest and hassle-free way if you want to test the mobile virtual reality. However, if you want a really good VR on your phone, you should totally head to the Samsung Gear VR.

Or at least this was how things looked until now. Now it seems that Google wants to kick Samsung away through their most recent development, the Daydream platform. Running on Android Nougat, Daydream will bring people closer to VR by making it compatible with lots of phones that have upgraded to Android Nougat. These users will be able to enjoy lots of apps in Google Play. But which one is better, Daydream or Gear VR?

Build and Design

Samsung already released several Gear VR versions, but all of them have some disadvantages: heavy on plastic, holding the phone within and sharing it both for brains and screen. However, they are comfortable, sturdy and it has good straps. Meanwhile, Daydream has a fabric cover which is definitely better, thus being the most comfortable.


Daydream plans to have a wider ecosystem for hardware, but this might bring some inconsistencies, like it happened to Google Pixel. Pixel has a 1080p display, which works with VR, but it’s not the best. Pixel XL though is perfect for Quad HD with its 5.5 inches screen. Meanwhile, Samsung Gear VR only accepts Quad HD phones, from Galaxy Note 4 all the way to Note 7, offering minimum 2560×1440 display.


Running on the Exynos chips used for the last Samsung phones, Gear VR can support great game graphics. Meanwhile, Pixel and Pixel XL run on a Snapdragon 821, which is also great. Here there might be a draw between the two platforms, since both of them offer pretty much the same quality and the same performance.