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Pokemon Go may no longer be as popular as it used to be in summer, but there are still a lot of people who continue to play it. For these dedicated fans, Niantic is planning to release a couple of features that will make the game easier and more interesting to play.

Catch Bonuses

One of these is the catch bonus, which you can obtain when you earn medals for catching certain types of Pokemon (Psychic, Gardener, and others). These bonuses increase your chances of catching Pokemon of the same type and, by extension, give you more opportunities to capture rare Pokemon. As an example, Niantic points out that getting a higher medal tier for the Kindler type allows you to have more bonuses for catching Fire-type Pokemon like Charmander and Ponyta.

However, as IGN points out, it’s not yet clear whether these bonuses would make you encounter more rare Pokemon or make them less likely to run away when you do meet them. We’ll know more when this feature is rolled out, although Niantic has not given a clear release date for it and just said that it’s “coming soon”.

Gym Training

The other new update involves an easier gym training experience. Basically, you’ll now be allowed to bring along six Pokemon with you when you go to battle in a friendly Gym. This is a huge improvement compared to the current version, which allows you to bring only one Pokemon.

This update also temporarily lowers the CP of the Pokemon you’re training against so it will match the abilities of your Pokemon. As a result, you’ll find it easier to win. You can also now help boost your Gym’s levels no matter what your skill and experience level is.

Niantic has revealed that this feature will appear in the upcoming version of Pokemon Go, although it’s not clear when this will be rolled out.