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After the low reviews and sales registered by the Wii U, Nintendo is expected to make a comeback with the upcoming Nintendo NX console.

Right now, the most anticipated game consoles are the ones that Sony and Microsoft are preparing. Sony is about to launch an improved PS4 that can support 4k content, while Microsoft has announced that they’re in the process of developing a console named Project Scorpio which will also support 4k resolution. The latter is also said to offer a better visual experience that Sony’s console.

As for Nintendo, it is rumored that they would launch their new console sometime this month, but there are many tech bloggers that believe that this would be a bit premature. It’s far more likely for Nintendo to launch the device next year because that would give them the chance to implement new tech.

Fans are still waiting for more information on the subject from Nintendo after they specifically said that they would discuss the console at some point.

In the meantime, some believe, based upon rumors, that the company might announce the console now and release the Nintendo NX in March but there’s very little time until then for the company to truly promote the device. At the same time, the best situation suggested by tech bloggers is for Nintendo to announce the console in January 2017 and then launch it in June. Also, the announcement is expected to happen at an event like E3 and the actual launch could be accompanied by new game titles as well.

However, others believe that Nintendo should launch their console in a certain moment when there are less console options for people. The thing is that it’s pretty hard to believe that that might happen at any point in the near future with the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio on the way.