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Mojang has just announced that they have updated the Minecraft: Pocket Edition with a holiday themed skin pack. The new update allows Minecrafters to do spooky stuff in the game and it also comes with many bug fixes.

But first, let’s start with the fun Halloween themed pack which is actually called Campfire Tales and it contains 16 skins. Those skins are the following: Headless Haunter, the hasty confectioner Crisp, Rancid Anne, the Risen Rose, Ol’Diggy, the cursed Well Wisher, The Sham, the obsessive Sea-Swallowed Captain and the vengeful Lumbering Jack.

Minecrafters that want to get this Halloween themes skin pack should know that, while it’s free, the Google Play Store might ask you for money. At that point, you should enter the ‘MINECON2016’ code, in order to reduce the cost of the skin pack to zero.

At the same time, players should also know that the skins are only available for a while and if they don’t get them as soon as possible, they might never get them.

As mentioned before, apart from the Campfire Tales pack, the new update brings some tweaks and fixes that address problems with the VR support, the mirror textures and the capes that clipped through armor.

In fact, most of these minor or major fixes relate to the VR support so those among you who are using this platform, should update the game in order to improve their gaming experience.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games worldwide and it it’s not becoming outdated not one bit. Perhaps because of the constant updates with fun skins and or its resemblance to Lego… Who knows? It also has an educational variant that enables teachers and educators to manage a world where the students are logged on and to give said students specific tasks or projects that they have to complete together.