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Minecraft is still one of the most popular games and its developers are continuously bringing fresh new content. The latest update, Content Update 33 is now available for PS 3, PS 4 and PS Vita and players will receive new blocks, new enchantment, a new mob and a lot more. Also, Exploration Update for PC has been released and it brought the “shulker box”.

According to the patch notes, Minecraft for console has received three new items called: Beetroot, Beetroot Seeds, and Beetroot Soup. Also, there are two new enhancements: FrostWalker and Mending and the former works with boots, allowing players to walk on water with it, as when they get close to water when wearing the enchanted boots, the water will turn into ice. However, players will need to traverse fast, because the ice will vanish in 3-5 seconds. As for Mending, it works for 16 items such as chest plate, helmets, leggings and when killing mobs with an enchanted weapon, it will drop XP, but when the player picks it up, the availability of the weapon goes back again.

Content Update 33 has introduced terrain generation features such as Fossils and Igloos, and polar bears that roam around. Players can also download the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack that costs $4.99 and which will show on the map items that are included in the update.

One of the best additions in the Exploration Update for PC is the “shulker box”, which can be used as a storage space where players will keep important stuff. However, the shulker box becomes a decorative item when players don’t use it for survival. The Woodland Mansion is a dungeon that will be found in wooded locations and in which live Illagers – spell-casting mobs that can summon villains and attack players. Lastly, llamas have their own utility – to transport items.