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Many GTA fans are thankful for the GTA V DLCs that Rockstar keeps on releasing since these make the game more exciting. However, a lot of players are also looking forward to the sixth installment of the game and wondering what its story line and gameplay would be.

Unfortunately, Rockstar has not made any official statements about GTA VI, so we don’t have a clear idea about what the game would be like. But there are several rumors floating around saying that it would most likely based in virtual reality and that it would have a 4K or even 5K display, paving the way to clearer and sharper graphics.

However, these features are not yet fully developed at this time. If Rockstar wants to implement them in GTA VI, it would have to wait for a couple of years for the technology to be refined enough for GTA’s fast-paced, graphic-intensive gameplay.

This is probably one of the reasons why the game development company is taking a long time to release GTA IV. Another reason for the delay may be that Rockstar is focusing on GTA V (which is raking in large sales) to keep the revenues coming in.

Aside from a sharper display and a VR-bsed gameplay, GTA VI may also feature a female protagonist, which will reportedly be voiced by Hollywood star Eva Mendes. There are even reports that Mendes’s real-life partner, Ryan Gosling, will voice a male character in the game. These have not been addressed by Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive, so it remains to be seen if these celebrities would indeed be present in GTA’s sixth installment.

GTA VI will reportedly be released in 2018 or 2020. Rockstar is expected to talk about the game during E3 2017 (which will take place on June 13 to 15 next year), although this is still not confirmed.