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Grand Theft Auto fans have been wondering a lot about the future of the series and now some of this attention has been placed on the future of multiplayer. There’s no doubt that GTA Online has been a huge success for Rockstar and its earned them millions but there is some debate over the inclusion of it in GTA 6.

While this mode has added a huge amount of extra life to the game, it has had a negative effect on the single player mode; Rockstar has placed more focus on developing the multiplayer instead of creating more content for the single player. This has certainly worked for Rockstar but for those fans who don’t like playing multiplayer, it becomes boring relatively quickly.

The inclusion of GTA:O for the next game could take attention away from the main game but it could also add hundreds of more hours to the overall game; some fans are requesting a more toned down multiplayer such as the one seen in GTA IV. There are also other fans however who are calling for a completely different multiplayer system where players connect to each others cities and complete co-op missions together.

Having a large number of players per server allows for more chaos and fast game mode matchmaking; the main focus of the players who are unhappy with the new system is on the ability to purchase things in the world and the inclusion of cops.

The community seems to be very torn on this issue and Rockstar has previously stated that they plan to include Grand Theft Auto Online in other games; it’s not clear yet exactly how this would work.

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