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According to reports, over 400 applications that are available in the Google Play Store come with a Trojan malware named “Dresscode”. This malware was firstly spotted back in April 2016 and if it is downloaded to a device, it can gain access to the infected handset. Dresscode is disguised as skins, themes, phone optimization boosters, games and more, which means that there is a high chance that you already have it in your Android device.

After Dresscode will get installed on your device, it will start communicating with a command and control server, which is able to issue various commands. In other words, if you are at work and your mobile device is connected to the enterprise network, then there are high chances that the hackers will get a good amount of information that may harm the company.

The handsets that are infected with Dresscode can become a part of a botnet, which are used to do denian-of-service (DDoS) attacks or even send spam emails. In addition, the botnet is also able to use proxy IP addresses which are generated by the malware to create fake traffic for ad clicks in order to generate money for the hackers.

And since your mobile device will be connected a wireless network, then there are high chances that the hackers will be able to gain control of other devices that are connected to the same network.

We suggest you to think twice before downloading and installing an application on your Android device. Take your time and read the reviews and install it only after you enough positive feedbacks for that particular application that will conclude that it’s safe to download it.

Are you installing applications and games from Google Play Store without reading the reviews first? Tell us your thoughts about Dresscode and the issues it comes with!