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It looks as though Grand Theft Auto 6 is still some time away but this hasn’t stopped fans from discussing what they’d like to see in the next game; the fan wishlist for the next game are wide spread and includes suggestions about the plot, characters, game mechanics and more.

Here are some of the top suggestions from fans:


Rockstar fans would like to see the developer create a strong female protagonist as it would be a nice change of pace from their usual male protagonists; there is also some hope that the developer will consider overhauling the character creation system. The system seen in GTA V is nice but players are hoping for a character creator similar to the one seen in The Sims series.


While the story in GTA V was very nice and entertaining, it lacked an overall mature feel; fans of the series are hoping that Rockstar includes a grittier story with more mature subplots to appeal to an older audience.

Alongside a more mature story, fans are hoping that Rockstar will add a better gore system to the game that behaves in a much more realistic manner. A gore system like this would reflect how the player was injured in the game and would be effected by the weapon or damage they’ve taken.

Single Player Content

This is the biggest item on the wishlist, fans are hoping that Rockstar will add more single player content to the game. It’s been suggested that the developer could add more missions and also single player heists which could be played solo.

Rockstar has so far avoided the single player when it comes to updated GTA V which is something that many gamers are disappointed with; releasing more content for the single player mode is something the developer should consider focusing on for GTA 6.