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The WhatsApp messenger app has been a long-time application able to be downloaded and installed on iOS, Android, and Nokia devices. It has been used by many to exchange multimedia files for free. In fact, WhatsApp has revolutionized messaging via Wi-Fi connectivity.

WhatsApp for Different Platforms

Primarily, Android, iOS, and Blackberry mobile devices support WhatsApp messenger. On the other hand, older Nokia devices has been left behind in this update. However, WhatsApp has announced that older Nokia devices categorized as S40 and S60 have supported the messaging app to date.

Make Sure the Device Supports WhatsApp

Nevertheless, if you own a Nokia with older specs, then you should follow a number of steps to enjoy the benefits that you ought to have from WhatsApp messenger. But first, you have to determine that your device can support this app. Here are a number of Nokia devices that support WhatsApp.

Nokia S40 and S60

Take note that Nokia devices are categorized as S40 and S60. For the S40 series, the Asha model devices support this app, while for the S60 series, only the 3rd and 5th Edition mobile devices support the app. For S40 devices, you have to download WhatsApp messenger from the Web browser of your Nokia device and go to

Meanwhile, for S60 users, you simply have to go to from the Web browser of your device. At this point, you will be able to download the app for free directly to your mobile phone.

Prompts and instructions might follow upon installation and account set up. Then, you would allow WhatsApp to search the contact list from your phone and add any WhatsApp user to your contact list. From this point, you can now add contacts manually as often as you like. Thus, if you want to download WhatsApp for your Nokia phone now, it is important to know the basic requirements first.