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Microsoft first announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016 earlier this year and the company has been careful about how much information they release about the new console ahead of its release. Xbox Scorpio is due for release in late 2017, the exact date still hasn’t been revealed but Microsoft did state that it would be released for the Holiday period.

It’s thought that the Xbox Scorpio will be released for the Christmas Holiday’s and there are currently no rumors suggesting a different release date; considering that Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4 Pro very soon, it’s surprising to see that Microsoft hasn’t moved the release date forwards.

The Xbox Scorpio is being called the most powerful console ever created and it features 6TFLOPS of GPU power; the large power increase allows the console to run games at native 4K, support virtual reality and also let users watch 4K videos through the console. The PlayStation 4 Pro can also do these things but there are some concerns about how powerful the console is and the limitations for FPS. It’s already been confirmed that upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game will only run at 30 FPS on the new PlayStation console, its frame rate on the Xbox Scorpio has not been announced yet.

It’s also been revealed that the Scorpio will be compatible with almost all virtual reality headsets currently available; the PlayStation 4 Pro is limited to the Sony created PlayStation VR which already has several strong titles being released for this VR platform.

Those looking forwards to the Xbox Scorpio will need to wait until 2017 for the console to be released and gamers should expect Microsoft to slowly leak more information about the console over the next 6 months.