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Sony is just about to release their new console, the PlayStation 4 Pro; this console builds on what the company originally produced with the PlayStation 4 and has increased it’s value. The new console supports 4K televisions and will run games in native 4K resolution or will upscale older titles to fit this new TV resolution.

While the PlayStation 4 Pro was revealed at the Sony PlayStation Meeting in September, the company also revealed their new PlayStation 4 console; the PS4 Slim was announced to be replacing the older model of the original PlayStation 4.

Which console is worth buying?

The PlayStation 4 Pro is due for release in November and the name certainly suggests that this is the console to purchase however, this isn’t true. In reality there is very little difference between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro; users who don’t own a a 4K television won’t benefit very much from a PlayStation 4.

Only a few minor differences exist between the two consoles and gamers with no interest in 4K TV’s should avoid the PlayStation 4 Pro; the upcoming console will also support thew PlayStation VR headset which will be released later this month. The already available PlayStation 4 Slim will also support the PSVR and will still run games at the best resolution possible.

For most people, the PlayStation 4 Slim is the console to purchase; there is very little difference but for anyone with a 4K TV, the PlayStation 4 Pro is a must buy to make the most of the 4K resolution. It’s still not entirely clear yet if the PS4 Pro will get any exclusive games that the PS4 won’t receive.