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Niantic hasn’t officially announced the release date for the next generation of Pokemon but rumors surround this and they all suggest the same time period; March 2017. These reports seem to be based on the fact that the Legendary Pokemon for Generation 1 need to be released first and on other rumors suggesting that Niantic is focusing on other things fist.

The Legendary Pokemon are supposedly coming very soon, the CEO of Niantic has recently stated that they will be added to the game in the next update.


It’s unclear how they will be added to the game but it currently looks as though the developer will be hosting various events around the world where players can capture them. The release date for this update is still unknown but players suspect that this will be very soon and could be largest update in the history of Pokemon Go.

Other rumors state that Pokemon Trading and Trainer Battles are also coming to the game over the next few months; it’s thought that Trading will be implemented this year and that Trainer Battles may be arriving in early 2017.

These features have not been confirmed by Niantic and have no official release date but it would make sense for Niantic to focus on completing these features first. Both of them have been heavily requested by the player base and could pull some players back to the game.


Niantic also needs to implement a fully functional tracking system to the game; without this, players are still unable to find rare Pokemon in the game.

There have been no rumors about a new tracking system but the developer was testing a new system several weeks ago.