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The Pangu jailbreak team has always stayed on top of any iOS update, releasing one almost right after an OS update has been rolled out. But after Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9.3, the team seemed to have gone dark. And Pangu has yet to release a jailbreak for iOS 10. The big question now is will the team be able to make a jailbreak for the base iOS 10 and its succeeding updates?

Pangu’s jailbreaking team wasn’t exactly remiss in their quest to beat Apple’s security system. They already claimed ownership over an iOS 10 jailbreak, only to back out on their word due to errors within Cydia. This forced the team to scrap the entire tool.

Any attempts after that turned out to be unsuccessful, for several reasons.

For one, Apple released two succeeding updates within the same month it officially released iOS 10. This came as a major surprise, even to Apple users, because the company rarely releases updates in such quick successions.

For another, Apple’s tight security and quick moves thwarted any attempt for a jailbreak. It has been reported that Apple’s 10.0.1 update was what stopped Pangu from releasing any jailbreak tool, dashing any hope of breaking into Apple’s iOS 10.

The 10.0.1 update was followed by the iOS 10.0.2 update that was intended to fix a lightning headphone bug and app crashing issues. However, many, especially hackers, suspect that the update came with additional security features.

Apple has reportedly released to developers the second beta of upcoming iOS 10.1 update, which, without a doubt, also comes with more security features. This doesn’t spell good news for hackers, including Pangu’s jailbreaking team. The team’s iOS 10 jailbreak status update remained the same since its last report – nil, at the moment.

Still, people are hoping Pangu or other hackers would release a jailbreak tool soon.