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WhatsApp became a popular messaging app for Android devices. This app enables people to connect via its call and text features. However, not all devices, especially older Nokia phones, were able to enjoy the same benefits Android phones do. For this reason, they began to question if they can ever download and install WhatsApp for older Nokia phones.

WhatsApp for Older Nokia Devices

Fortunately, WhatsApp has finally released the app for Nokia devices. But, this chat messenger might not be supported by some older devices. If you own an older Nokia device, you may feel lost or deprived of some privileges. On the contrary, you can have a taste of WhatsApp, but this is only limited to some devices.

Nokia S40 and S60

Generally, Nokia devices are divided into a couple categories, including S40 and S60. Nokia S40 compatible devices support WhatsApp and only a few S40 mobile phones do not, particularly in certain countries.

Nokia S60 phones, on the other hand, support WhatsApp. In fact, you can download the app to be able to enjoy chatting with friends or family. Phones that belong to S40 and S60 categories include the following models:

  • Nokia models that belong to the 200/300/500 series,
  • Nokia phones that has been categorized in the X2 and X3 series, and
  • Mobile phones that belong to the Asha mobile phone series.

WhatsApp May No Longer Be Supported by Nokia

Nevertheless, there are rumors that some other devices may no longer support WhatsApp beginning January of 2017. This makes Nokia phone users want to shift to any Android or iOS device any time soon.

For the moment, there are no announcements made by WhatsApp yet. If there will ever be such an update, perhaps the first thing that will happen is to give a head’s up to every user who have installed the WhatsApp for older Nokia phones regarding the matter. This way, it will give ample time to move from one device to another, not to mention the account or files involved in the process.