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For the moment, Pokemon GO is not available for download and buy in India, and as such the game is being heavily pirated by the fans. Since legally the company is taking measures in order to prevent this, the Gujarat High Court has found itself in the situation of finding a solution.

Though the popular game that has stormed the entire world last summer is largely available in many countries, India does not allow it. Despite the interdiction, lots of pirates managed to get their hands on copies of the game so as to be able to play it. Of course, the copies they are downloading from the Internet are illicit. In Western countries, this has led to various copyright problems, but it seems that India is a special country when it comes to this.

One PIL (which stands for Public-Interest Litigation, which means litigation for protecting the public interest) was filed last month to the Gujarat High Court against the people who developed Pokemon GO. As it seems, the games is offending the religious feelings of citizens, since it has placed eggs in several places of worship.

The petitioner’s lawyer explained that it is a blasphemy to place eggs in Hindu and Jains temples, and as such the client wishes to obtain a ban on this game in the entire country. There is another PIL filed to the Court which claims that Pokemon is endangering public safety. Niantic and other central and state governments respond in these quite unusual cases.

As such, the court is now asking the state government to offer a solution to these problems. For now, nobody seems to have any idea on how to make people stop pirating and to stop them from playing the game. It remains to be seen whether the government or the court, or maybe even other authorities from other countries will find a solution to this issue.