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Google Maps is one of the most popular mobile applications out there. If you are visiting a foreign city and you are either with your car or using the local transport, then you should definitely try out this application. Using this application, you will be able to search for a location by entering its address or name.

Since Google Maps is so popular, its developers are frequently updating it in order to make sure that users are having the best experience. The latest two widgets that Google Maps on iOS 10 has received are Nearby Transit and Travel Times. Nearby Transit will inform users about the closest public transit options and when they are expected to arrive. On the other hand, the Travel Times widgets is showing the estimated time when you will get to your destination, by car or public transportation.

In addition, some location descriptions will now include some of their features such as atmosphere, so that users will have a better idea if they want to visit that location or not.

People can now write reviews of places and even upload their own photos. We remind you that the user photos were visible before, but with this change this might increase the number of photos available while looking at a location on Google Maps.

According to reports, new features and options will be released sometime soon on Google Maps. If you never tried Google Maps before and you’re about to visit a big town, we suggest you to install the application on your device, but don’t forget that you might need to have an internet connection active on your device in order to access the map (unless you save it for offline use).

Google Maps can be downloaded and installed for free on any device that runs on iOS 8 or later.

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