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Google has indeed created an app that provides accessible email to save you some time and keep your messages secure. Additionally, it will get messages in an instant through push notifications. Thus, you will be able to read and respond offline or online, as well as search any message from the inbox quickly.

A New Way to Manage Emails

Meanwhile, the update has given users a way to manage their account by simply reading all their emails in one location. This happens without switching to other accounts such as those in Yahoo or Outlook. Moreover, it will allow emails from other accounts to be read in conversations view.

Google Drive Integration

Moreover, it has given way for auto-complete features after being improved to the new version of Gmail. This will then be able to preview large attachments, and a way to save emails in Google Drive accounts using just a single tap along with more responsive animations.

Rich Text Formatting

Take note that Gmail updates can be applicable on various devices and platforms. So, you can update your Gmail from any Android or iOS devices. Google is also constantly updating in order to fix several bugs and add new features. Likewise, Gmail has received major improvements such as rich-text formatting and instant rsvp to Gmail apps on mobile devices.

Provide Alert Features

With this new update, Gmail users will be able to add formatting features to the content. Such will provide options to format texts to bold, underlined, italic, highlighted and colored. This will enable users to emphasize the importance of a particular topic or email from the sender to alert the receiver.

For Gmail users, it will be so much easier to respond via Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar with just a single tap. With this new Gmail update, users will no longer have to open any separate app, because it can be done straight from the Gmail app.