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Why would we need more messaging app service when the virtual world already has tons of options? Apparently, Google thinks otherwise, and we could use another competitor for improved messaging experience. But can Google Allo outsmart WhatsApp and Messenger?

In a nutshell, Allo is an instant messaging mobile app that comes with a virtual assistant and a “smart reply” function that allows users to type a reply without actually typing anything. More like sending a reply without typing. Pretty cool, huh. WhatsApp doesn’t have this smart feature, but its minimalistic features remain quite attractive to many users. Facebook messenger doesn’t have the AI feature either, but it is partnering with other services to offer clients major convenience. For instance, Facebook partnered with Lyft so that you can use the service while on Messenger.

What Google Allo offers

  • A Google Assistant that not only provides assistance, but also straightforward answers. The AI feature behind Google Assistant is what was sorely lacking in WhatsApp.
  • Several chat options, including Start Group Chat, and Start Incognito Chat. Makes you wonder how incognito the Incognito Chat can get, right?
  • An array of cool stickers to help users better convey their emotions and messages.
  • An attractive user interface, what with its colorful fonts and vibrant icons.
  • Use Google search in the middle of a chat.

Features that WhatsApp and Google Allo share

  • Both can share videos, stickers, images and voice messages. The only difference is that Allo’s sticker packs are more vibrant, with tons of options.
  • Both need phone numbers to activate the app.
  • Both have Quick Reply options from the Notifications feature, but only Google Allo allows replies to be made from the Notifications tab.

What the Messenger offers

  • Cross-platform utility, regardless of your OS or whether it is used in a web browser.
  • Convenience for users, while generating profits at the same time.
  • Allows users to switch between devices without a hitch.

Based on features alone, Google Allo seems a clear winner, but it is, at the moment, just a device-only service. That is, messages are only stored on the device. If you switch to another device, none of your previous messages will appear.

Can we say Allo will keep WhatsApp on the curb? Not exactly. After all, the popular messaging app has done pretty well with its minimal set of features. A lot of people prefer simplicity over complexity, and if they find Allo’s features to be overwhelming, they’re likely to stick to WhatsApp. Yes, it all comes down to personal preference.

The real crux of a mobile messaging service is the extent of its user base. Regardless of how fancy a messaging platform is, if no one is using the service, then it’s really for naught. For now, WhatsApp stands on firm ground with over a billion users. It will be a while before Google Allo can shake it up. Because of Facebook’s move to force users to download Messenger, it too is enjoying billions of users from around the world.

So which one will succeed between WhatsApp and Google Allo? It remains to be seen. After all, Facebook Messenger isn’t one to sit quietly on the sidelines.