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Pokemon Go was released several months ago and the game has slowly fallen out of focus with the media and some gamers; it’s no secret that the game has slowly been losing it’s player base for various reasons.

Now that the game is losing its media attention, some people are starting to question exactly how many people are still playing the game and jokes are being made online about the game.


While most of the people who picked up the game because it was the ‘latest trend’ have stopped playing now, there are thousands of dedicated Pokemon fans still playing the game. The Pokemon phenomenon has never truly gone away and while the media focuses on more recent topics, the Pokemon scene is still strong. Pokemon Go is no exception to this either, it still attracts a wide range of players across all ages, locations and ethnicity. Niantic has recently released the game to 31 new countries and the Pokemon Go community is continuing to grow as a result.

As a series, Pokemon has always been incredibly popular and the “gotta catch them all” slogan has been ingrained into gamers from all over the world; it’s no surprise that players are refusing to quit just because it’s not long ‘trendy’ to play the game.

Catching them all isn’t a very simple process right now however, Pokemon Go still lacks a working tracking system for Pokemon and this has pushed some players away from the game.


It’s clear that there are still serious issues with Pokemon Go but Niantic is dedicated to adding more content to the game which should keep Pokemon fans entertained for months to come.