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Facebook continues to think of ways to keep its users loyal and to ensure this does happen, the team behind this social media network provide better user experience. This year, they began to offer Facebook Lite, the more basic version for the mobile platform.

With this new android app, users can now enjoy Facebook even if there is slow internet connection and their phones are low-end models. Its application size is also small and it does really affect mobile data usage that much. But is it really necessary to install Facebook Lite? This has been the controversial question asked by social media experts.

Benefits of Facebook Lite

If only for the benefits, fans of the Android app have several advantages on the list. One is the fact that its size is a mere 0.5mb and after installation, the total size is between 2-4 mb. This is a far cry from the original app which occupies 135mb space.

Another good thing about this new app is in terms of cache data. Since the application size is small, so is its cache data. This will prevent the system from freezing since RAM will not be affected much. Facebook also thought about mobile data usage when they designed Facebook Lite. This app does not use up much data usage.  Not only can you use it even if your phone only supports 2G but also, the layout is simple and the size is small that it does not consume much of your data.

If you are an avid Facebook user and you have the original Facebook app on your phone, you must have noticed how fast your phone’s battery gets drained. This problem has been addressed by Facebook Lite.

Of all the features of this new social media app, the improved user experience is the best. And with the faster speed, better user interface and low mobile data usage promised by this app, there is no doubt that a Facebook Lite download for Android is what you need.

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