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Google is noted for using nicknames to correspond to its Android versions. Currently, Android Nougat is the latest of the nicknames used. But, not all devices have enjoyed this update yet, due to the lack of OTA or over-the-air support. Although not all brands are able to receive this update, it has earned a lot of positive reviews. However, even if Android 8.0 is not yet showing signs of existence, there are speculations about its nickname already. Here are some of the most famous nicknames in anticipation of life after Android Nougat.

Android 8.0 Oreo?

People may have familiarity with this nickname because it sounds like the famous cookie made by Nabisco. Well, it may look similar to what happened to Android KitKat, in which Google came up with a partnership with Nestle to get the license. Thus, it might be a perfect match especially if they can create a commercial tie-in. Just imagine these cookies promoting the next Android version. What do you think?

Android 8.0 Orelletes?

Often noted for their shape, orelletes are sweet pastries often eaten during weddings and other celebrations. These are made of eggs, anisette, flour, and olive oil, which are then sprinkled with icing sugar. Basically, these pastries may come in different sizes and shapes. Accordingly, it lines up with the vision of Android that powers multiple devices in a variety of form factors.

Android 8.0 Ozark Pudding?

It is an American dessert, which comes from the Ozarks region in Missouri. This form of dessert is made of dried fruit and nut custard that is commonly served with ice cream. Although this is not a cake or pie, its variants uses different types of coatings and bases, which is much like Android itself.

Ozark pudding does look like a combination of other lesser desserts. But, mind you, pudding is a favorite dessert of US President Harry Truman back in the days. This might just be a fitting description of the next Android version that people have been going crazy about these days.

Android 8.0 Oliebol?

These are literally a type of Dutch donut made out of dunking dough and mixing them with currants, candled fruit, and sultanas. This type of dessert is famous in Belgium and the Netherlands during the winter. Nevertheless, it has some similarities with other European countries with their own local interpretation of the sweet delight.

Android 8.0 Ontbijtkoek?

This type of dessert is pronounced ont-beyt-kook, which is a Dutch cookie loaf that is sweetened and spiced up. This dessert is often served during breakfast. This might be similar to the Android Gingerbread, which might not be so visually appealing to be a sweet treat. But, this looks really look like sticky brown bread. This might just be a good dessert to transform into a Dutch Android figure perfectly fit along the statue garden of Google. While this will surely win over the fans in the Netherlands, this might just troll out journalists who are English speaking.

For now, people are still looking for ways to get the latest Android 7.0 Nougat to update their devices. Don’t you think it’s a bit premature to talk about a new Android 8.0?