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The latest WhatsApp beta update has a number of key features for cross-platform users. Basically, this app has become popular for most WhatsApp users because of the many advantages that has been developed particularly with the 2.16.291 beta version.

Added Features to the New Version of WhatsApp

Generally, WhatsApp messenger 2.16.291 beta has several new features not present in the current version. So, for those who want to get a whole new experience in messaging and chatting, perhaps this is the version that you have been waiting for.

  • Forwarding and sharing messages that can be sent to multiple chats altogether.
  • Chats that have been contacted more often may now appear in the event of sharing and forwarding messages.
  • Likewise, you can adjust the zoom capability when recording videos simply by sliding your finger up or down.
  • With its new front-facing camera flash, taking selfies in the dark should never be a problem.

Take note that WhatsApp messenger is free of charge that should be available for devices running Android and other platforms. This will utilize the Internet connection of your phone, but it can also be used using your data plan to connect via network providers.

Become a Beta Tester

You can also enjoy being a WhatsApp beta user for Android devices. This is so easy to do, just by downloading the app via Google Play Store. If you decide to join the beta community, you only need to enter a particular testing group link.

Being a beta tester have its benefits such as being able to get bug fixes and improvements to the current device. Likewise, beta users can experience exciting new features to the WhatsApp beta version that might be rolled out for everyone after being tested. Rumors say that the only downside to the beta builds of Google Play is the absence of changelogs.