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Phil Spencer, who works at Microsoft, has recently opened up the talk about PS4 PRO versus Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Apparently, the public thinks that there’s a recent console war that has stated, and the main point of debate here between various models is the 4K player feature. Since this is one of the major differences between Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, it looks like the competition between consoles has changed.

Nowadays almost every major company has its own gaming machine: just think about PS4 PRO, Nintendo NX, Xbox One Scorpio. And under these circumstances, there’s no wonder that fans are thinking that things might change. Recent Xbox reports showed that the Xbox One S is the only console that will be having a 4K Blu-ray player, but will this be a new flashpoint in a console war that is about to reborn?

Phil Spencer, who is chief at Xbox, does not agree with that and has declared more for Gamespot. He said that for him, their decision of offering a feature that they can offer for their console is completely fair for other rivals. Moreover, he added that they made a bet and risked a little by introducing his completely revolutionary feature, whereas the other competitors didn’t bet on it, so it’s not their fault.

What’s to be appreciated is the fact that he mentioned it’s not a thing about who made the right/wrong decision, but rather to cater to people who might need such a console. Also, he said that he doesn’t agree with the public who thinks that this a console war.

Even so, there is no official information that Project Scorpio will introduce for sure a 4K Blu-ray player, while the rival Sony already explained publicly why they decided not to introduce it in their upcoming model.