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A new method of powerlevelling has been discovered for Gyms and Trainers which allows players to reach max level Gyms in under 10 minutes and to gain 1.5 million XP per day. This new strategy is focused around low CP level Pokemon which are then evolved into certain specifications.

The strategy dictates that Bubblestrat defenders should be caught at level 1 with 10HP and should have a quick move with a lengthy duration; the best attacks for this are Bubble, Confusion and Ice Shard. Attackers are similar to this, they should be caught at level 1 and have 10 CP while also being able to deal 20 damage in under 3 seconds.

Matching attackers to defenders can be a tricky thing but there are several optimal attackers and defenders; Diglett, Abra and Ghastly are three of the best Attackers. The Attackers are not labeled in accordance to their abilities, there are no specific ‘must have’ attacks for these Pokemon as they just need to fill the damage requirements.

Defenders need to fit the optimum attack duration time and there are a good number of Pokemon that can fill this role; the best Pokemon however are water types such as Horsea or Krabby as they can both use Bubble.

Getting this strategy to work can take some time as not all of them will be a good match for the Defending/Attacking Pokemon. Once a player has perfected this method however, it proves that even low level Pokemon can dominate Gyms and the right Pokemon can hold a Gym for incredibly long periods of time.

Understanding this strategy will ensure that players stay on top of the Gyms in their local area and puts all players on a more even playing field; it is possible that Niantic patch this strategy from the game in a later update however.