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It currently looks like PokeMesh is the only active map for Pokemon Go but even this tracker seems to be having some issues right now. The developers behind PokeWhere are still working on the latest issues and have no plans to stop working on their third party Pokemon tracking map.

PokeMesh Update

The latest update for the third party Pokemon tracker, PokeMesh, has just been released and it looks like it should make the experience of using the app much better. It only received a small update but it deals with a very annoying issue that’s plagued the app for quite some time.

The notification for closing PokeMesh has finally been fixed but users have some other concerns; the update has added the captcha resolution prompt and while this sounds great, it could mean trouble for some gamers. Anyone using a Pokemon Go Plus device will be unable to complete the captcha prompt and some users are claiming that they are being softbanned by Niantic for downloading this update.

Hopefully, the developers will look into these issues and releases a fix as soon as possible.

PokeWhere Issues

The alternative Apple exclusive app has recently been hit with a range of issues which are mostly centered around their security; the team has been very open with their users and provide regular updates on Twitter.

Niantic has recently added a captcha to stop third party maps from accessing the game and the developers have commented that all Pokemon maps are going to have trouble getting around this. The team is now looking into the possibility of having users fill out a captcha in order to use the scan on the map; not all scans would require that players fill out a captcha however.