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The official specifications for both the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7 have officially been released and while both devices have gotten off to a rough start, plenty of users are still looking to upgrade to the latest Apple and Samsung models.

The limitations and issues of both devices are now well-known and are currently taking the limelight in the media; while the manufacturers look at fixing their launch issues, this is a good time to research the specifications of both smartphones to decide which is the better gaming device.

Mobile devices have quickly become one of the most popular platforms for the casual gaming audience but the popularity has also been increasing with the competitive and hardcore audiences also.

Here are the important specs for the two devices:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Display: 5.7 inches
Storage: 64 GB with room for expansion
CPU: Samsung Exynos Octa 9900 with a Quad-Core 2.3GHz “Mongoose” and a Quad-Core 1.6GHz Cortex-A53


iPhone 7 Plus

Display: 5.5 inches
Storage: Differs per model however, there is no room for SD cards
CPU: A10 Fusion Processor

It’s also important to know that the iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t include the classic 3.4mm headphone jack but does contain a Lightning Port which also works with audio.

The two devices are closely matched however the Galaxy Note 7 looks to be a little stronger in some areas; the new iPhone however, is 40% faster than the previous model and the upgraded CPU has a much lower battery consumption rate. Apple may be providing users with a hefty amount of internal storage now but for users that need to use card support, the Samsung is a much better-suited device.

In terms of gaming; it looks like the iPhone 7 Plus is currently the better option however once the overheating issue has been fixed in the Galaxy Note 7, gamers may find this smartphone offers better performance overall.

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