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Users who tested the iOS 10 beta have noticed a warning message that appeared when downloading older 32-bit apps and which notified them that the system performance could be affected. When the final version of the new operating system was released, the alert message no longer showed up, but it was brought back along with the iOS 10.1 update.

If you missed the 32-bit app alert, then you’ll be happy to hear that Apple has reintroduced the warning message in iOS 10.1, so now you will be notified that an older 32-bit app “may slow down your iPhone” and that its developer should update it to improve its compatibility.

Back in 2013, Apple has asked developers to create 64-bit applications for the iPhone 5s, which was powered by a 64-bit processor, and two years later, 64-bit support was mandatory for all new app submissions, then in June 2015, developers had to submit app updates with 64-bit support. But not all apps have been updated since that time and when downloading them to iPhones running on iOS 10.1 beta, users are warned that the performance of their devices may be affected.

The thing is that Apple has notified developers in early September that old apps that haven’t received compatibility updates will be removed if they won’t comply with current review guidelines and on September 7, the company has started informing them that they have a 30 day period to update their apps, or else they will be deleted from the App Store.

In parallel, Apple has released iOS 10.1 beta 2 for developers and the new update focuses on the Portrait mode, which is exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus and it takes advantage of the new iSight Duo camera module. Other small changes have been made to Messages app, and users will be able to:

– replay text effects using a handy Replay button beneath the message bubble;
– enjoy text effects while using the Reduced Motion accessibility option.

iOS 10.1 beta 2 also brings a cleaner App Drawer for iMessage apps and bug fixes.

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